Will it Winter? The Daily Driver-Project Car. 

As we've pointed out earlier driving a Project Car as a Daily Driver requires a bit of insanity. Not quite Charlie Manson levels of insanity but certainly closer to Charlie Sheen's. And when the temps are below freezing it's a whole new ballgame.
» 1/22/15 10:06am 1/22/15 10:06am

Jim Nabors replaced by a capella group.

Jim Nabors left a big void to fill when he retired. The singer had led the crowd in a almost operatic version of Back Home in Indiana since 1972. He told the crowd that 2014 would be his last year and the IMS started finding a replacement for 2015. They just announced today the replacement is an acappella group… » 12/22/14 7:38pm 12/22/14 7:38pm

Andretti Autosports from the Inside

I live in Indy. That means it's not uncommon to find out your neighbor is a mechanic for a race team, or is the driver, or maybe the owner. It's hard to go to the grocery store without tripping over an IndyCar on display in the lobby. Heck, we keep a few in the airport for tourists to ogle while waiting for their… » 9/18/14 10:19am 9/18/14 10:19am

Brickyard Vintage Racing Invitational Returns June 11-14 2015

» 9/17/14 3:39pm 9/17/14 3:39pm
Brickyard Vintage Racing Invitational Returns June 11-14

The Sportscar Vintage Racing Association's (SVRA) Brickyard Vintage Racing Invitational will return to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway for the second consecutive year, with more than 500 of the world's finest and most historic racecars competing on the recently…